Texas Mother Puts Her Three Children In Straitjackets – Oldest Son, 7, Escapes

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A mother strapped her three children into straitjackets and carried on an incestuous relationship with her own father.

Concerned citizens called local Texas police in the early morning on March 18 after witnessing a young boy, 7, riding his bike on the highway in and out of traffic. When the police escorted the young boy home, they discovered his mother, Tamara Ruth Whitt, and her father, Edgar Dale Whitt, had put him and his two younger siblings in straitjackets, the Daily Mail reports. “They didn’t know how he got out,” the police report stated.

Along with the alleged abuse against the children, Tamara, 26, and Edgar, 54, were also believed to be involved in an incestuous relationship with each other.
Sheriff Stan Parker of Howard County, Texas confirmed to Mail Online that the youngest son, 2, was the child of the father and his own daughter but that the other two children were not the result of incest.
“I’ve really never seen anything like this before in Howard County,” the sheriff said.
All three children were taken into the custody by Children’s Protective Services. Both Tamara and Edgar were charged with child endangerment. Edgar also faces charges of prohibited sexual conduct with a descendant, which is a second-degree felony.

Mother Arrested For Holding 7-Week-Old In Scalding Water

Mother Arrested for Burning Baby in Hot Water
Courtesy of Tampa Police Department
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A Florida mom allegedly placed her seven-week-old son under 142 degree water so he would stop crying — can you believe this happened?

Chekayla Dampier of New Port Richey, Florida ran water until it reached a scalding temperature and held her seven-week-old son Emilio Jesus Bautista under for two or three minutes, just so he would stop crying! 
She has been arrested for aggravated child abuse.
The infant has suffered severe burns to his upper body including his head, chest and arms. He also suffered from second-degree burns on his ears and eyes, The Daily Mail reports. He is currently in critical condition.
“The infant’s burns on his chest caused his left nipple to pull off when his shirt was removed,” the Pasco Sheriffs office reports.
The 18-year-old mother claimed baby Emilio’s skin was peeling and bubbling when she went to dry him off, Tampa Bay Online reports. She then took him to a hospital nearby, yet the baby’s burns were so immense that he was helicoptered to Tampa General Pediatric Burn Unit.
“This is one of the most horrific child abuse cases we’ve seen in years,” Pasco Sheriff’s spokesman Kevin Doll says.